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When homeowners, investors, businesses and other owners of real estate and personal property purchase property insurance, they have a right to expect that the coverage they paid for will be there when they need it.  Unfortunately, insurance companies often seek to deny, delay or underpay insurance claims in the expectation that frustrated policyholders will drop the matter. After a disaster strikes, those who are left with mounting property damage and significant financial expenses can always turn to an experienced denied claims property insurance firm to obtain the coverage they deserve.

Insurance companies are in business to make huge profits.  Often these profits are made at the expense of the insured by deny, delay and underpay tactics.  When a devastating property loss from fire or other calamity happens to you or interrupts your business, you may need legal assistance to navigate the complicated requirements of your insurance policy.  You should not assume that your insurance company will fairly help you determine the amount of the loss.  Your insurance company has adjusters, attorneys, investigators and other professionals to protect their interests.  It is vital that you have competent attorneys who understand property loss insurance law, adjusters, damage assessors and other insurance claims professionals to protect your interests and accurately calculate the cost of damaged contents, the cost to repair or replace damaged and destroyed real property and to accurately determine your additional living expenses, loss of use or business interruption loss.  Let us make sure that your insurance company pays you everything that you are legally entitled to receive under your insurance policy.

The Law Offices of Richard Palumbo, LLC routinely represents Rhode Island and Massachusetts homeowners, investors, businesses and other owners of real estate and personal property relating to property damage claims against insurance companies relating to denied insurance claims. Our dedicated attorneys and legal team members have a proven track record in making insurance companies pay the full value of our clients’ property damage claims.  Our legal team is well versed in applicable insurance laws as well as claims adjustments.  We leverage our knowledge and skill to ensure that our clients receive the full value of their denied, delayed or underpaid property loss insurance claims.

Our legal team is lead by our founding and managing Attorney Richard Palumbo.  Richard completed his first insurance restoration job at the age of 16.  It was a soot clean-up job caused by a boiler back-up.  The job was a success.  Richard soon realized that he was great at cleaning-up other peoples’ messes.  Over the next 15 years, Richard worked as a restorative contractor and insurance adjuster.  He learned that property insurance companies regularly utilize bad faith claims practices that he likes to refer to as “Deny, Delay and Underpay.”  Deny, Delay and Underpay are the weapons of choice for the property loss insurance companies.  Now property owners have their own weapon of choice – Attorney Palumbo and his team of legal professionals.  Using his experience in the insurance industry, a law degree and the firm’s legal team that includes some of the best litigating attorneys anywhere; property insurance companies now routinely pay for denied, delayed and underpaid property damage claims.

Property Insurance 101

Property insurance is designed to protect residential, commercial, industrial and other property owners or renters from loss or damage to a building or its contents. This includes the physical structure of the building and contents such as furniture, jewelry, collections, electronics, office equipment, machinery, or other personal or business property items.

Our attorneys and legal support team have extensive experience handling all types of property insurance claims, including, but not limited to:

  • Fire damage;

  • Explosions;

  • Soot and smoke;

  • Flood;

  • Rain;

  • Water damage (i.e. frozen, burst or other damage to pipes);

  • Damage caused by back-ups or blocked drains;

  • Hurricane damage;

  • Wind or Storm damage;

  • Tornado;

  • Theft;

  • Vandalism;

  • Vehicular Damage (i.e. a vehicle hits a building);

  • Animal Damage;

  • Collapse and

  • Pollution or Environmental damage.

Residential and Commercial Property Loss Assessment

Our attorneys, legal support team and well established network of adjusters, appraisers, accountants, engineers, forensic scientists, inspectors, investigators, contractors, restoration specialists and other experts will work diligently to make the insurance company pay you what you deserve for your property damage claim.

We regularly help our clients obtain full and fair compensation for their property damage claims including the following:

  • Building repair costs;

  • Contents, personal property and business property;

  • Inventory;

  • Loss of use;

  • Additional living expenses and

  • Business interruption and loss.

In addition to coordinating and overseeing the investigation and loss damage assessment, we handle all interactions with the insurer so that our clients can focus on getting back to their normal routine or restoring business operations.  In the event of a policy coverage dispute, we strive to reach negotiated settlements but are fully prepared to litigate matters in court.

Reasons for Insurance Claim Denials

Although policyholders believe that insurance companies will in good faith pay their property damage claims, it is not uncommon for insurers to interpret the provisions of policies to deny, delay or underpay otherwise valid property loss insurance claims.

Insurance companies often find creative ways to deny insurance claims.  Insurance companies will often deny claims by taking the position that the loss is excluded from the policy or that the damage amount is below the amount of the deductible of the insurance policy.  Insurance companies regularly underpay insurance claims by arguing scope of damage or that the amount of the damage is less than what the insured claimed.

Over our many years of practice, we have seen how insurance providers deny, delay or underpay insurance claims or payouts merely to protect their cash reserves and profits.

What is Insurance Bad Faith?

Because an insurance policy is a contract, insurance companies have a legal obligation to process claims in good faith, according to the terms of the policy.  Unfortunately, insurers often act in bad faith to deny, delay or underpay valid claims.  

Insurance bad faith can take many forms such as:

  • Attempting to settle a claim for substantially less than what policyholder is entitled to under the policy (“low-balling”);

  • Delaying, discounting, or denying a claim for no valid reason;

  • Failing to conduct a thorough investigation;

  • Failing to conduct a prompt, reasonable, and thorough appraisal;

  • Failing to pay or deny a claim within a reasonable time period;

  • Misrepresenting the terms of a property insurance policy and

  • Withholding pertinent information.

Rhode Island and Massachusetts Property Insurance Attorneys

Although the requirements of insurance policies and procedures for filing a claim are complicated, homeowners and business owners are entitled to coverage for damage resulting from a fire, water, collapse, theft, vandalism or other disaster.  At the Law Offices of Richard Palumbo, LLC, we fight against insurance companies that put profits ahead of policyholders.

While many insurance companies treat their customers fairly, some may attempt to deny, delay or underpay (i.e. settle claims for far less than their value). Our highly skilled attorneys, legal support team and network of insurance professionals that include claims assessors are widely recognized for making insurance companies pay for denied claims and forcing insurance companies to pay a fair cost to repair or replace damaged or destroyed property and contents, additional living expenses or business interruption losses.  We have a proven track record of helping our clients obtain the coverage they deserve.

When your home, investment property or business is damaged or destroyed by a fire or other calamity, the experience can be overwhelming. You may be left wondering where you will live, how you will replace lost possessions, or what will become of your livelihood. The burden can be even harder to bear when an insurer delays or denies a claim or engages in bad faith.

We are your denied claims attorneys.

We are your fire loss attorneys.

We are your water loss attorney.

We are the firm with the experience to take on your insurance company for denied property damage insurance claims, delayed property damage insurance claims, underpaid property damage insurance claims and bad faith claims.

Our dedicated legal team will work tirelessly to lift that burden and ensure the insurance company covers all of your losses. You will have peace of mind knowing that we will be by your side as you restore order to your business or personal life. If you are struggling with a property insurance claim, call our office today for a free consultation or complete the contact form on our website.

Property loss claims - Denied, Delayed or Underpaid?  

When your insurance company says “NO” Call Palumbo!

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