Massachusetts Business, Real Estate, And Probate & Estate Administration Attorneys

Massachusetts businesses, investors, and individuals have a trusted ally in PALUMBO LAW. Our experienced attorneys serve clients in both transactional and litigation matters. We know you have a choice when it comes to which law firm will represent you, which is why we focus on providing customized solutions to meet your exact legal needs. Regardless of the nature of your business, real estate, or probate & estate administration issue, you can rely on PALUMBO LAW.

Business Law In Massachusetts

We represent new and established businesses, from closely-held companies to multinational corporations. These are a few of our services:

  • Start-ups. A new company brings exciting potential but requires clear guidance to avoid legal problems. We can help obtain the necessary business licenses, secure financing, and line up general liability, workers’ compensation, and other forms of insurance. Depending on what type of business you have, we can also assist with permits and other industry-specific needs.
  • Business entity choice and formation. Selecting a legal entity for your company is a necessary first step to opening your business. Different structures have different advantages and disadvantages concerning taxes, personal liability, and management of the company. We can help you select the entity that works best for you, including corporation, limited liability company, and partnership.
  • Business operation, compliance, and regulation. The industry in which you operate may have complex regulations, but our firm can ensure you understand them so you stay compliant. There are also operational matters with which you must contend on a daily basis, such as wage and hour regulations and employment law concerns. We have you covered.
  • Buying and selling businesses. The purchase or sale of a business is a major transaction with numerous potential hurdles. From due diligence and negotiating offers to drafting the purchase and sale agreement, we walk you through each step. Our goal is to ensure that you get the best possible deal while abiding by all legal requirements.
  • Business litigation. PALUMBO LAW represents plaintiffs and defendants in business litigation. Whether you need to file a lawsuit or defend against one, our lawyers have the experience you deserve. Routine litigation matters include breach of contract, discrimination and wrongful termination, and partnership disputes.

Real Estate In Massachusetts

Our firm assists various parties involved with real estate matters, including investors, property owners, landlords, and lenders. We practice in these and other areas:

  • Condominium law. We provide comprehensive legal services to address a diverse range of issues affecting condominiums. These include purchasing and selling condos, managing and operating them, and lien foreclosures. Our firm represents condominium associations in handling rule and bylaw enforcement, housing discrimination claims, and much more.
  • Evictions. We represent landlords in evicting residential and commercial tenants. Obtaining and executing an eviction is a process that includes filing and serving legal papers and appearing in court. We will handle the eviction from beginning to end, including the actual removal of the tenant.
  • Mortgage foreclosures. In the event of non-payment of a mortgage, it may be necessary to initiate foreclosure proceedings. Commercial and residential lenders count on us to manage all aspects of their foreclosures, along with post-sale issues.
  • Real estate closings. If you’re purchasing a piece of commercial or residential real estate, let us take care of the closing. This process involves, among other things, preparing and recording documents, acquiring title insurance and financing, and representing the client during the closing. We look after your interests at each stage.
  • Buying and selling real estate. Whether you’re selling or buying real estate, there are two main goals: getting the best possible deal and complying with all legal requirements. PALUMBO LAW will help make the transaction a success. Our services include conducting title searches, securing lending, and drawing up all necessary paperwork.
  • Fire, water, and property insurance disputes. You pay for property insurance to cover a major loss, but insurers don’t always honor their end of the deal. We represent policyholders in bad faith claims and other disputes with their insurance companies.
  • Real estate litigation. Any of the above matters could result in a lawsuit. Our real estate litigation attorneys are ready to advocate for you. Alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation may be used to save the time and expense of a trial.

Probate And Estate Administration In Massachusetts

Probate is a court-supervised requirement for most personal estates, with estate administration an integral part of the process. Let our attorneys help with:

  • Probate of wills and estate administration. There are several steps to probating an estate, such as filing the probate petition, notifying heirs, appointing an executor (if there’s a will) or estate administrator, and conducting an inventory and appraisal. The ultimate objective is to pay estate creditors and distribute the estate assets.
  • Probate and estate litigation. Disgruntled heirs sometimes file lawsuits to invalidate wills, for instance, if they suspect there was undue influence upon the testator. In other cases, they sue executors and estate administrators to allege breaches of fiduciary duties. We handle all types of probate and estate litigation.
  • Trust administration. Administering a trust is no simple task, but our firm understands the law surrounding this area. We work with trustees to help them administer the trust from start to finish, and advise them on their obligations along the way.
  • Trust litigation. The law considers trustees to be fiduciaries, meaning they must put the interests of trust beneficiaries ahead of their own. If you’re a trustee who has been sued by a beneficiary, we can defend you in court.

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