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Avoid Litigation by Hiring the Right Real Estate Attorney for Your Real Estate Transaction

We are your real estate transaction attorneys and real estate litigation attorneys.  The process of buying, selling or developing real property is one of the most complex areas of the law as they involve old common law and modern secured transactions as well as lending regulations. If you are a buyer, seller, land developer, condominium association or anyone who is embroiled in a real estate dispute or would like to take precautions to avoid conflict, our real estate litigation lawyers can work with you to ensure your money and property rights are adequately protected against adverse parties and claims.

On paper, purchasing real estate seems like a relatively straightforward transaction: make an offer, wait for acceptance, draft a contract, settle the deal and exchange the money. However, each step of the purchase process represents a potential point of disagreement or misunderstanding. Our real estate transaction attorneys know how to help you avoid litigation.

How Palumbo Law Can Help

Our real estate litigation attorneys are adept at handling any problems that arise in the sale or purchase of a home or commercial property including: disputes occurring in the drafting and execution of a purchase and sales agreement, misrepresentation by the buyer or seller, problems with the title or survey, state and local regulations, compliance with zoning ordinances, issues with a mortgage lender, disagreements involving new home construction and implied or express warranties, boundary line disputes, adverse possession and more.  Whether you are a seller with misgivings about the purchase contract, a buyer with questions about title or a developer in a dispute with your current residents, working with a real estate litigation attorney is the best way to avoid and overcome conflict in a cost-effective manner.

Real Estate Litigation

We are your real estate litigators.  Our real estate attorneys regularly are in court representing client in matters of complex real estate litigation including: adverse possession, boundary line disputes, easement litigation, mechanic’s lien litigation, landlord-tenant litigation and evictions of tenants, fire loss litigation, water damage litigation, mold litigation, property insurance loss litigation, tax sale litigation including defense of tax sales and petitions to foreclose the right of redemption, quiet title actions, judicial foreclosures, condominium litigation, lease litigation, probate litigation, trust litigation, elder abuse litigation and all other types of real estate litigation.

Our real estate attorney are skilled in reviewing the results of a title search and taking appropriate action to clear clouds on your title.  A cloud on a title is a term referring to a potential claim or land interest by another party, which can result in the inability of a buyer or seller to settle the purchase contract.  Banks and lending institutions will generally not lend money for the purchase of a home if there appears to be an apparent cloud on the title. By working with a real estate litigation attorney, you can avoid or settle problems with adverse possessors, agricultural tenants or creditors with judgments attached to the land.

In order to escape the many lurking pitfalls inherent in real estate transactions, we encourage you to contact our real estate firm for more information or to schedule a consultation.  It is not uncommon for individuals or businesses to find themselves involved in a legal dispute with another party. Disputes of this nature, such as a breach of contract, typically fall under what is known as civil litigation which entails the use of courts or arbitrators for adjudication.  For plaintiffs involved in a civil litigation matter, the objective is to right a wrong, honor an agreement, or to obtain compensation for an injury.  On the other hand, defendants in a civil litigation matter want to aggressively protect their rights in opposing the plaintiff’s claim.

Business and Commercial Litigation

Whether you are a plaintiff or defendant, hiring a qualified civil litigation attorney is crucial in achieving a successful outcome in your case.  Our civil litigation lawyers, business litigation attorneys and commercial litigation lawyers represent plaintiffs and defendants including individuals, partnerships, shareholders and corporations in the following types of cases: fraud, breach of contract, dissolution or breakup of a business, unfair business practices, business disputes, trade secrets, non-compete covenants, securities matters, breach of warranties and all other types of complex commercial and business litigation matters.

Our civil litigation attorneys work closely with clients to evaluate their potential claims or defenses related to the commercial, professional, employment, and personal dispute that is the subject of litigation.   We represent clients before administrative agencies, alternative dispute resolution proceedings such as mediation or arbitration, jury or court trials in state and federal court as well as proceedings before appellate courts. We help clients prepare their cases and counsel them on steps and procedures involved.  A skilled civil litigation attorney can help clients leverage their negotiating position to reach a beneficial settlement which may be the most appropriate and economical manner of handing certain cases.  However, when a dispute cannot be resolved satisfactorily, taking a case to court may be the best or only option.

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When required, our civil litigation attorneys will engage and work closely with experts including investigators, accountants, economic impact analysts, and other relevant professionals.

If your legal dispute has risen to the level of civil litigation, our attorneys are ready to help. Contact us today for a consultation regarding your case!