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Condominium associations need skilled legal counsel to help them navigate the often complicated world of Massachusetts condominium law. Our attorneys help these associations manage their properties by advising them of their rights and responsibilities. From developing condos to governing them, we’re prepared to handle any legal matter that may come up. You can count on PALUMBO LAW to advocate for your condominium association.

What To Know About Massachusetts Condominium Law

Residential and commercial condos in the state primarily fall under the jurisdiction of the Massachusetts Condominium Act. More specifically, this law is responsible for (among other things):

  • Creation of condominiums
  • Rights, responsibilities, and interests of the owners of individual condo units
  • Rights, responsibilities, and interests of condominium associations and boards
  • Mandatory and optional provisions to include in condo bylaws and rules
  • Expenses to be incurred by the condo association
  • Interests in the common areas of condominiums
  • Condo master deeds and mortgages
  • Assessments, liens, and foreclosures
  • How disputes between owners are handled
  • Penalties and enforcement provisions for failure to pay assessments and for rules violations

Almost anything that involves condos is subject to this law. In some cases, depending on the location of the condominium, local ordinances may also be relevant. It is essential to have knowledgeable legal counsel to prevent your association from inadvertently violating any laws or infringing upon the rights of condo owners. Our attorneys have experience with all aspects of condominium law and are ready to advise your association.

Details About Our Massachusetts Condominium Legal Services

Our condo association clients request our legal services for a variety of reasons. Some have a specific need that has arisen suddenly in the course of developing or managing their communities. In other cases, condo associations retain us for long-term representation, which means we handle everything from the initial development of a condominium to litigating it in a courtroom. More specifically, we provide the following services, among others:

Planning and creating condominiums. Whether starting a condo community from scratch or converting existing properties to condos, your association must abide by numerous rules. We know what it takes to comply with the laws so your community can get off the ground.

Condo documents. There are various documents that govern the operation of condominiums, including declarations, bylaws, rules, and regulations. We work with associations to draft, review, modify, and execute these critical instruments.

Rule enforcement. Disputes often arise between condo owners or between associations and their owners. These disputes typically invoke one or more rules, which then must be enforced. We assist with the enforcement process in a way that respects the rights of owners and protects the interests of associations.

Assessments, liens, and foreclosures. Assessments are imposed on condo owners to cover ongoing community expenses. Special assessments are also occasionally levied for unexpected needs. Those who fail to pay assessments are subject to liens and foreclosures, which our firm can assist with.

Loans. Condo associations sometimes require loans to meet their financial obligations. PALUMBO LAW is one of the few firms that closes revenue stream loans, so we will work with you through each step of the lending process.

FHA certification and recertification. FHA loans are essential to help many condo owners finance their purchases. However, a condominium association must be approved by the FHA (Federal Housing Administration) before these loans can be extended. We assist with FHA certification and recertification.

6d certificates. Before a condo owner can sell his or her unit, a 6d certificate must be obtained from the condominium association. This document indicates whether the owner has paid the condominium fees and expenses. Our firm takes care of all issues surrounding these certificates.

Routine operations. Condominium associations are constantly busy with meetings, budgets, contractors, the board, and much more. Because these matters take up so much time, your association can benefit from a law firm that will efficiently and timely handle them.

Insurance. The law requires that condo associations obtain and maintain property, liability, and other forms of insurance. We know the types and amounts of insurance that will fit your association.

Litigation and alternative dispute resolution. If your association is sued, or needs to initiate legal action, our firm has you covered. We handle all aspects of litigation, as well as alternative dispute resolution.


The Value of Committed Legal Counsel

Massachusetts condominium law is different from general real estate law. It is also subject to constant revision as well as interpretation and reinterpretation by the courts. General practice firms that represent condominium associations are not always prepared to handle the unusual issues that often arise in this unique area of law. But our firm is highly experienced in real estate and our team focuses on condominium law. When you retain PALUMBO LAW, you have a trusted ally ready to serve you from day one.

Our focus is on devising practical solutions for your association. We take the time to understand your needs and discuss related matters you may not have considered. In the event of an immediate challenge facing your association, such as a lawsuit, we investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding it, answer the questions and concerns you have, and then get to work addressing the problem.

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