Condominium Association HUD/FHA, VA and FNMA Approval

Why does your association need HUD/FHA, VA or FNMA (Fannie Mae) approval?

All associations should consider obtaining approval through government mortgage insurance programs in order to attract potential buyers, allow existing unit owners to refinance into government mortgage insurance programs and generally make the association more marketable.

Many associations find the application process can be very confusing and time consuming.  Through its streamlined process, PALUMBO LAW will work with your association to quickly and easily compile the necessary information and prepare your application package for submission.

What does the application process entail?

First, a knowledgeable real estate attorney will meet with you to discuss the necessary information that is required for the approval process.  Our team will then begin to compile and analyze the information.  As necessary, we will make recommendations to the association to ensure compliance with HUD/FHA, VA and FNMA regulations.  Finally, PALUMBO LAW will compile the entire application package for your review before submission and answer any questions you may have.  While an approval cannot be guaranteed, we will work with your association to cure any remaining issues and re-submit the application information at no additional cost.  Our firm will also work with your association to ensure continued compliance and recertification as necessary.

What is the cost to the association?

PALUMBO LAW will prepare your condominium approval or recertification package for a low, flat rate in addition to the related fees and expenses. Call PALUMBO LAW today at (401) 490-0994 to discuss the needs of your condominium association.

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