Water Damage Insurance Claims

Most homeowners, business owners and property investors will inevitably have to file a water damage claim with their insurer. The harsh winters in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut ensure that frozen pipes are front of mind while heavy rains and violent storms are quick to identify a leaky roof or window. When water damage occurs, repairing the damage and fixing the issue is of utmost importance. This can mean significant up-front expenses for policyholders. However, the insurer may be slow to reimburse or approve payments, relying on their strategy of “deny, delay and underpay” to protect their profits. 

After years of timely paying your insurance premiums, why is your insurer able to drag their feet and pay less than they should? The answer is that they shouldn’t. If you’ve suffered water damage, or have filed a claim that has been denied or is being delayed, an experienced insurance claims attorney can help you receive the compensation that you deserve. At PALUMBO LAW, our attorneys have worked in the insurance industry for decades, providing knowledge and insight that is only available from prior insiders. Having seen the insurers’ playbook for their deny, delay and underpay strategy, we are able to anticipate their actions and stay one step ahead. Our zealous representation ensures that your claims are paid in full and on time.

Common Causes of Water Damage

With decades of experience in insurance law, we’ve seen nearly every possible cause of water damage ranging from storms to extinguishing fires. The most common causes of water damage that we see are:

  • Storms and other natural disasters;
  • Damaged roofs;
  • Burst or pipes;
  • Hot Water Heaters;
  • Water Damage from Washing Machines;
  • Drain system failures; and
  • Extinguishing flames.

Common Insurance Policy Exclusions

Although the damage to your property may be due to water, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your insurer is required to cover it. Nearly all property insurance policies contain exclusions or carve-outs that exempt the insurer from being responsible to cover certain kinds of damage. With regard to water damage, the specific cause is exceptionally important and often a contentious topic. If an insurer can show that the damage is due to an excluded event, then they aren’t responsible to pay for the damage. The most common insurance policy exclusions relating to water damage are:

  • Flood damage;
  • Drain system failures;
  • Failure to act or mitigate; and
  • Construction defects. 

Unfortunately, determining whether the damage is caused by an excluded event isn’t always clear-cut. If the damage is caused by both a covered event and an excluded event, such as storm damage to a roof causing water damage in a basement with a blocked drain, then the insurer is sure to employ their deny, delay and underpay strategy.

Water Damage Insurance Claims Lawyer in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut

Don’t let your insurer limit your claim because they’re protecting their profits. If you’ve recently suffered water damage or your insurer has denied your water damage claim in Rhode Island, Massachusetts or Connecticut, please contact our office. After all, if you’ve held up your end of the bargain, why shouldn’t your insurer do the same?