Water pipe bursting

Why You Must Act Fast When Dealing with Water Damage

Whether caused by a busted pipe, a flood, a roof leak, or anything else, water damage or the flooding of an area on your property can be extremely destructive and potentially dangerous to both your property – and you. This is why time is of the essence when your property suffers water damage. It’s important to know what to do after this flood damage occurs. Here’s why you should act fast.

Water damage can be harmful to your health and safety.

When water damage occurs it leads to contaminated water and the possibility of mold. This is why you should evacuate the flooded area until it’s safe to return. When you do go back, it’s imperative that you wear protective clothing, such as rubber gloves and waterproof boots. It can also prove extremely dangerous if water damage comes into contact with any electronics. After water damage occurs you should be sure to switch off the circuit breakers and unplug any cords in order to shut off the electricity. 

Without identifying the source of the problem, the damage can be compounded.

If you don’t know what has caused the water damage, how can you be sure to stop it from happening again? That’s why it’s important to quickly determine the source of the damage. It’s important to know where the shut-off valves on your pipes are since most water damage in the home can be attributed to a burst pipe or a leak from the hot water tank. If your leak is coming from the ceiling, it’s key that you bring an expert in to assess the issue. Finally, be sure to pay attention to any mold that may begin to appear. It can cause a foul odor or discolor areas of the ceilings or baseboards. 

You want to provide your insurance company with information for a claim.

When your property has suffered from water damage, your insurance company can help you to recover the funds that it takes you to rebuild or fix the damaged parts of the property. It’s so important that you call as soon as you can once you notice the damage. Different insurance companies require you to do different things, so it’s imperative that you contact them immediately to ensure you meet each of their steps. You should also have a claims adjuster come to your property to assess the damage and estimate the cost of repairing it. You’ll also want to take photos and keep all receipts from what you’ve fixed. If you wait too long to contact them or if you fail to meet their requirements, your claim may be denied. 

By leaving any unsafe areas, unplugging electronics, identifying the issue, and looking out for mold, you can help to prevent further property damage and ensure that you and your property are safe. 

When your property suffers water damage it can be extremely overwhelming and you may have no idea how to proceed. That’s when it can be very helpful to consult with a knowledgeable and experienced property insurance attorney with experience handling flood damage cases.

PALUMBO LAW Helps Those in Rhode Island with their Water Damage Claims

Filing a property insurance claim can be extremely confusing – and extremely frustrating. The last thing you want is to have your claim denied or delayed because of something that you did incorrectly. That’s why it’s so important to know how to file your claim from the beginning. An attorney can help to ensure that you properly file your property insurance claim. 

At PALUMBO LAW, our experienced Rhode Island property insurance lawyers work strategically to help our clients to get what they deserve. We have deep experience working with insurance companies and understand how to deal with them. If you are planning on filing a flood damage claim, or if have already filed your claim and have been denied, we can help. To learn more or to schedule a free consultation, call us today!