New Sensors May Help to Prevent Water Damage

While your insurance adjuster can come in really handy after a flood, wouldn’t it be even better if you could prevent just about all of the damage before it occurs? That may just be a new reality for many. 

There are now leak sensors that are deployed at residential, commercial, and institutional properties. These sensors may soon become standard with insurance policies for the major impact that they make.  

Chubb Continues to See Importance of Detectors

The insurance company, Chubb, dove head-first into this new technology, employing thousands of leak sensors around the U.S. Chubb has noted that non-weather-related water damage is one of the biggest sources of losses within the insurance company. But after just two years of leaning on this new technology, Chubb has already seen a number of instances in which it has proven extraordinarily beneficial, preventing millions of dollars’ worth of property loss. 

For instance, at Providence College, a washing machine supply line on one of the upper floors of a residential hall started leaking one night shortly after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. With most students and faculty working from home, there weren’t many people around to detect the leak. Had the leak continued, it likely would have caused severe damage throughout the residence, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. But with the leak detectors, a service center sent out a text, email, and phone call and a worker was notified and able to shut off the pipe, avoiding further damage.  

Leak Sensors Help When No One is Around

Leak sensors will prove invaluable for the times when no one is there to detect a leak. This may be something as basic as someone out for the day or a family going on vacation. 

Chubb isn’t the only insurance company leaning into leak sensors. Everyone from startup property insurers to major insurance companies have already started using them. However, Chubb has also begun to install leak sensors below roof decks in commercial buildings, since damaged roofs often cause a lot of damage after water leaks through. It should be interesting to see who follows suit. 

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