Protect Against These 3 Common Causes of Summer Fires

Many people think that fires only occur during the wintertime when the fireplace is glowing hot. However, fires are also a concern during the warmer months as well. It’s important to understand that outdoor fires, when not properly maintained, can lead to loss of property, serious injury, or even death. Here are three common causes of summer fires and how to protect yourself while enjoying your time outside. 

1. Outdoor Cooking

Many people use the summertime as a great opportunity to cook outdoors. Grilling is a mainstay for many people when the weather is nice. Barbecuing with friends and family, camping in the great outdoors, and tailgating at a Red Sox game are all favorite summer past times. But whenever you’re cooking outside, you’ll want to do so safely. This means:

  • Remain at least 10 feet from all structures
  • Always cook on a level surface
  • When starting your grill be sure to leave it open
  • For small fires use a spray bottle with water
  • For grease fires use a lid of other source to cut oxygen
  • For any flame use a fire extinguisher
  • If a fire occurs and gets out of control call 9-1-1- immediately
  • Always clean your grill after each use

2. Fireworks

The summertime is often filled with fireworks, turning the night sky into beautiful, bright pops of color. But while they can be a beautiful sight, fireworks can also pose a fire hazard. To remain safe be sure to:

  • Check your hose and make sure it’s working
  • Have a bucket of water nearby in case a firework goes amiss
  • Keep the fireworks out of reach of children and animals
  • Only allow children to hold sparklers when supervised by an adult
  • Only ignite fireworks away from all structures
  • Never stand over the top of a firework 
  • Never relight a firework once it’s already been lit

3.  Fire Pits and Patio Heaters

While summer days are usually hot, the nights can sometimes prove a little chilly. Fire pits and heaters for the patio often serve as a great solution to the cold. However, they also pose a fire risk. To remain both cozy and safe, be sure to:

  • Keep fire pits at least 10 feet away from structures
  • Follow the manufacturer recommendations for heaters (this is generally at least three to five feet away from all structures)
  • Avoid placing fire pits and heaters on flammable surfaces or near low-hanging branches
  • Never leave a fire pit or heater unattended
  • Avoid using a fire pit or heater if it is windy
  • Avoid using lighter fluid in the fire pit

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